We have a superstar team of people working at The Commute, with a broad range of talents and influences.

From serving you delicious coffee, helping with your next purchase to social media and website wizardry, we all have our skills and crazy quirks – aligned to the team ethos of bringing passion and that feeling of community for all things coffee and bike riding in the great outdoors of the Yorkshire Dales.

Gavin ‘Goose’ Smith

The man in charge of The Commute, manager and shareholder, he keeps things running smoothly.

Gavin loves are coffee, riding bikes, the great outdoors – and of course family adventures with his girls. He’s a master of the barista decks and can smash out a piece of latte art just like that. Equally is his talent for keeping upright whilst riding death defying descents on this Santa Cruz mountain bike. Although a recent trip to Scotland saw him face down in a peat bog much to everyone’s  hilarity.

When it comes to bikes the aforementioned Santa Cruz Hightower LT is where he feels most at home along with the super fast Swift Carbon Ultravox road bike – makes him the ideal choice to sit behind on one of our group rides.

What really makes Gavin tick is dialling in the perfect brew – his passion and skill is matched only by the blending skills, dedication and support from supplier Allpress Coffee.

Thomas ‘Tommy Gun’ Wood

Tom is our second in command in the cafe and the main media man, serving up the social content for The Commute. With top notch camera skills, he always has is an eye on the perfect angle for the next good photo opportunity.

He has a passion for, racing bikes, cooking, photography, and film. When Tom isn’t owning the coffee machine and slinging flat whites or taking photographs for The Commute, he is working hard on producing clothing and merchandise for our shop and website, also Tom is often jet-setting his talents around the world shooting models and bands on tour with his camera.

Tom is a pretty handy cat 2 bike racer and loves a good mid-week criterium or a smash down the valley with the local pro’s.

One product that stands out for Tom is the Wahoo ELEMNT Roam, it’s an essential ‘every ride’ piece of kit with clear display,  a great GPS system and robust finish.

Tom rides and races the Swift Carbon Hypervox custom build, with a one off black and gold paint job from the Swift Portugal HQ. Very bling!

Sophie Witham

Our travelling barista, Sophie loves to focus on making sure all our coffee goes out to the same high standard and that we are the go-to Coffee house for locals and regulars – and best cafe stop in Yorkshire cycling community. That and whipping up delicious lunches for our customers to enjoy!

Sophie’s passions lie with great coffee, hiking, and travelling the world. She has just moved back from spending two years living in Banff National Park, Canada.  A self-confessed nerd who enjoys video games and reading books in the great outdoors. A huge dog lover and wild swimmer – Sophie isn’t known for her bike riding but loves being out walking. Among her many talents, Sophie is a pretty nifty car mechanic, skills gained whilst in Canada – ready for when she buys herself a van this winter for more UK based adventures.

In true Sophie style, always up for a laugh she once went on a date with a guy who proceeded to rap Stan by Eminem in its the entirety. He even sang the Dido parts, badly. Safe to say there wasn’t a second date!

As an environmentalist, Sophie’s an advocate for eco-products, which sits with our Allpress Coffee reusable coffee cups and ethical direct trade coffee. Anything that can to help the environment and being part of a coffee shop that endorses and supports it.

Other than sticks to hiking and a wetsuit, Sophie is currently looking into investing in a paddleboard. A bike for the water!

Dan ‘The Man’ Belcher

Our jack of all trades and responsible for looking after our online brand development, plus overseeing the website’s growth. He also runs his own plumbing, tiling and bathroom installation business hence being our jack of all trades!

Dan loves to cook for people and has a big passion for all things Italian. Whenever he gets the chance, he heads back and take in the coffee and sunshine! As well as the  food, countryside, buildings, and culture of Italy – Dan also bares a striking resemblance to the greatest Italian road cyclist in history Marco Pantini.

We all test and believe in the products we stock here at The Commute and for Dan aside from the fabulous coffee – his top product shout is the Restrap bike luggage set up. Clever and well thought and great quality.

In True Italian style Dan has a bit of a collection of road bikes, mainly due to the fact he can’t seem to part with them! For summer he currently has a Beacon BF10 carbon road bike, but the favourite has to be his 1970’s handmade and restored Barry Hoban. Steal is real!

Jonathan ‘JB’ Booth

JB is our buying and creative merchandising genius and plays a big role in keeping us all on track when it comes to what we sell and how – and the shop stocked and looking good all our awesome customers.

He wears many hats but defiantly makes an impact in his operational role which includes supporting Lee with his other ventures.

Family and friends rank high for JB; plus riding bikes, mainly the mountain bike plus snowboarding, golf and walking Walter the dog, the unofficial mascot of The Commute!

After moving up north from London JB fell in love with Ilkley Moor and surrounding Yorkshire Dales – with a huge passion for all things food – he makes a pretty mean Keralan seafood biryani – accompanied with a chilled beer or red wine.

Pretty handy at fixing stuff, JB current project is converting a camper van. A big music fan he once interviewed K-Klass! If you know you know!

His shout out piece from our retail shelves has to be the Sweet Protection helmets! A top-quality product that protects JB’s other top-quality product – his noggin! Currently riding a The Santa Cruz Hightower 2 and Cannondale SuperSix as well as currently considering dabbling on the dark side and buying a gravel bike!

Lee ‘Big Dog’ Teal

And last up not least – the boss man and the guy in charge of infecting the team with the energy and belief to fulfil The Commute dream. He strives to find the sweet spot between fun and hard work and to guarantee awesome people get awesome results!

Lee is very family orientated and his world centres around young Austen and Will but also has a deep love of mountains and the great outdoors. He loves to be on two wheels – either motor, mountain, or road bike and has a great passion for surf and snow.

He has 5 different tents and uses them all. If he isn’t working or riding, then you can find him kicking back drinking a beer!

For an ex-rugby lad, his fitness surprises him and us, he loves to challenge the kids who try and keep up! Still, stupidly flexible his party trick is to do the splits. Maybe after a few pints!

Lee has a background in sports science and makes sure everyone knows he is still the current Octoberfest Arm Wrestling Champion and once danced with home and away star Natalie Imbruglia!

Lee lives by the mottos ‘If nothing changes, nothing changes – focus on improving, no excuses.’ and ‘Wake up, roll with the punches and never forget to smile’. He’s not only our commander, but our chief motivator.
His passion product is the Restrap range of luggage. The range captures his spirit and drive for new discoveries and great adventures.

Lee has many bikes but can be found on Ilkley moor with the Santa Cruiz Bronson, he wishes he could ride all his bikes at once including his Titanium Croix De Fur but he spends most of his time eating up the miles on his Giant Defy Pro.